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GABA Anxiety

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gaba anxiety

GABA Anxiety

GABA Anxiety

Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, or the GABA occurs naturally in the human body and in nature.  Melons, for example are naturally high in GABA.  Tea also contains GABA. GABA can also be concentrated.

GABA is one of a group of brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters, which allow the nerve cells of the brain to send messages.  GABA works by “inhibiting”, or slowing down, the reactions of the brain cells.  The stimulated brain cells allow us to act alertly, motion to action, generate fear, anxiety and many other emotions.

The problem with the GABA receptors in the brain and eyes is, as with most drugs delivery systems,  how they are received.  More importantly, how the true benefits of GABA are perceived by the brain.

In order that we may deliver something good, or bad, to a cell, the cell must percieve and accept  or, consent to the message.  The delivery system in all human interactions with drugs is the mechanism for success.  GABA is not unlike all other cell delivery systems.  It is not in their interest to seek truth.  It is in their best interest to seek evolution.  Many makers of nutritional supplements offer the GABA  in a pill form.  These same “Drug Companies” do not much more to further science than to concentrate a thing or vitamin, or mineral, bottle it and claim glory.

But research has shown that orally-ingested GABA does not cross the blood-brain barrier very well.   In fact, some proponents of GABA supplements suggest taking it with Vitamin B-6, and some suggest taking it in megadoses to ensure that enough of it gets to the brain to be effective.  That is like telling the cells to take a huge dose of radiation to kill a little malgrowth!  I like to refer to that way of thinking as Concentrated Drug Barbarism (CDB).

There are studies with positive results that use proteins for delivery systems and the cells show positive perception of this type of package.  And so,  some manufacturers of nutritional supplements are attempting to find ways to combine GABA with oil proteins to further the protein delivery system techniques.  They may be on the right track, but of course, they may not improve the passage through the blood-brain barrier at all.  They could just further the rejection by the cells.

Remember, GABA is naturally produced in the brain, right?  So,  it can’t be harmful, right?  Don’t be so sure just yet!  Why would anyone concentrate a thing they don’t fully understand and then deliver it to the human guinea pigs for consumtion as a supplement?  Also remember that supplements are mostly out of reach from FDA scrutiny, (so long as the benefit claims that GABA Anxiety Relief is verbally acceptable) hence the CDB continues!

Although GABA supplements are an alternative to anti-anxiety prescription drugs,  I would air on the side of caution with the concentrated dose ideas.   In fact, why not do a little test with smaller doses over a prolonged period.  That seems more prudent to me.  The Drug Companies are already claiming that GABA concentrates have very few side-effects, unless they are taken in huge does.  Yet GABA ‘s reluctance to cross the blood-brain barrier indicates that huge doses would be needed to see positive results.

The current laboratory test results for concentrated GABA doses show patients flushing with burning sensations in the extremities, shortness of breath, fatigue, and anxiety.   Still they have not yet determined an established dosage guideline.  Not enough research has been done yet to draw any conclusions.

Look for the American Marketing Banner to waive green for GABA Anxiety Relief, soon, at a retailer near you!

For centuries the Chinese have learned to take medicinals in small doses delivered through teas, tisanes, and tinctures.  And the Japanese have been drinking GABA tea for 25 years.  Perhaps we can learn from them…

GABA Anxiety

GABA Anxiety and GABA anxiety relief are not impressed or implied by drinking GABA Tea…just an overall good feeling!

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